Manami Morishita puts on a schoolgirl uniform for the foot job she gives – Tenshigao


One of the things we love is when we get a new girl to come and visit us, after a short time they feel very comfortable and safe with us and then we can get into some more fun scenarios with them and even do some role play. We like to bring along costumes for them and then choose one they can wear and we film them wearing it and pretending to be the person they portray with their costume. For Miss Manami Morishita we brought along a schoolgirl costume that we thought would fit her perfectly. I did and she put it on for us and did some modelling. Once she had it on and we told her how great she looked she became that schoolgirl for us. She was young, inexperienced and very cute. She was not ready for what we brought out next. We wanted to have her use a sex toy, a pink vibrator. We thought it would be fun to see her as a schoolgirl, innocent and not sure of herself and then give her a sex toy to explore her own pussy with. What fun that was because as you see in the video Manami kept her schoolgirl uniform on and lifted her skirt only to access her pussy. She had her white schoolgirl panties on and she used that vibrator on her pussy and get it nice and wet. Since our interviewer was hard as a rock watching her he decided to have her leave her stockings on, pull down his pants and pull out his cock. He would ask her to use her stocking feet to give him a foot job while he lay down in front of her watching her use that vibrator on her cute schoolgirl pussy. We love to watch a sexy hot Japanese girl in uniform and putting Manami in one was such a turn on. Watch the full video and you will see, she is very cute and that pussy she spreads open is delicious.

Date: September 1, 2021

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